8 Fresh Custom Ceiling ideas for your Dream Home

8 Fresh Custom Ceiling ideas for your Dream Home

A good ceiling has to fit the shape of the room, but a great ceiling also fits the design. Ceilings undoubtedly create an effect on the interior of a home, besides being an integral structure to interior design as the walls, the flooring and the furniture and fixtures in a room. Discover 8 types of ceilings below, here are ideas to think about when building your dream home. 



Coffered ceiling works well for a professional-looking home office, a dignified living room, or a stately master bedroom design, 



Favored for their old world and country-chic appeal, exposed ceiling beams add a dramatic sense of strength and heft to a room. If you love the look and plan to build a new home or add an extension, you can incorporate this structural component into your design. 

A wood beam ceiling is simply a stunning design idea that adds incredible texture, history, and interest to any room with a raised or vaulted ceiling. While you can use faux wood or new wood beams, don’t forget to check with your custom home builder about reclaimed wood if you want the most charm and character for your room design.



Ceiling coving involves using curved framing where the wall and ceiling meet to create a rounded effect where the corners would normally be. Some homeowners prefer to use this style instead of ceiling molding to create an elegant style.

Some coved ceiling may have flat, angled panels, instead of curved. There are actually quite a few types of coved ceiling options.

This ceiling style can work with modern and traditional designs. For even more design inspiration, consider some dramatic high windows embedded in the coved ceiling for an ethereal effect to enhance your home.



Standard ceilings are 8 ft tall. One timeless design trend for ceilings involves elevating the ceiling to 9-10 ft. The extra vertical space creates a sense of grandeur and a perception that the room is larger than it actually is.

Some homeowners choose to have higher ceilings on the main floor and standard ceilings on the second floor or in the basement. Or you can opt for high ceilings throughout your home.



To add additional magnificence to your main living space, consider an extremely high ceiling. The bedrooms above are connected with a hallway that overlooks the living area and the massive wall of windows provides a stunning view of nature and plenty of natural light.


One of the easiest ways to have an attention-grabbing ceiling is to cover your ceiling with wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is making a comeback. Not only on walls but in many surprising places like backsplashes, powder rooms, bathrooms, and ceilings. Today there are many options to inspire you.

  • Textured
  • Geometric designs
  • Murals
  • Botanical
  • Monochromatic
  • And more

Of course, you must have a smooth, high-quality ceiling to start with. But adding wallpaper to the upper ceiling of a tray ceiling bedroom or wallpapering the ceiling of your formal living room might just help provide the drama you are looking for.



If you have room in your floor plan for a sunroom, solarium, atrium, or conservatory, a glass ceiling can be a delightful addition to your roofline.

Choose from:

  • Clear glass
  • Stained glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Privacy glass

Your family will thrive on having plenty of natural light pouring in and being able to view the beautiful sky from indoors.

Glass ceilings work especially well for porches, kitchen breakfast nooks, living spaces, indoor gardens, and even home offices. Check with your architect for ways to incorporate more glass in your ceiling design.



A magnificent dormer over your kitchen workspace can be quite a luxurious addition to your home’s aesthetic. You’ll have plenty of ambient light and guests and family members will feel a much greater connection to the outdoors.

A skylight is a flat piece of glass, that looks a lot like a window, inset in the roofline, that allows sunlight to come into the room. Flat skylights work best on sloped roofs. For a flat roof, a domed skylight may be an option. Or, if you don't need a view and just want to bring in more light, you could consider a solar tube.



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