Homes Designed for Health and Wellness

Homes Designed for Health and Wellness

Smart home tech, better air, water filtration systems, and outdoor living spaces—these are just a few of the home features in high demand. According to home trends experts, the pandemic has been a driving force to take a closer look at how our homes can impact our health, wellness, and everyday routines. Cavalli Homes has integrated new solutions and upgrades to deliver a healthier home. Read how you can keep wellness in mind by implementing just 2 of our tips. Quick and Easy!


Tip 1: Let There Be Light

Exposure to light is important for maintaining the body’s natural rhythm, and sunlight during the day is key. “The science of vision informs us that daylight is more powerful than electric light,” -Edelstein

Begin with the architecture and the location of windows for sunlight, and arrange furniture and shading to allow for morning light, to shade intense heat and to provide darkness at night. Or just remember to have your automatic shades do all the work every morning!


Tip 2: Shut Out the Noise

Sound has a big impact on our well-being and affects us differently at different times, Besides adding doors on rooms in which quiet is desired, think about incorporating soft materials and artwork in your room to absorb sound.

A personal favourite white noise systems. Cavalli Homes customs homes to fit around your lifestyle. Mention to your CH representative about having us customize a built-in white noise system within your home seamlessly. We live in a society that’s overworked and overstimulated, and this has a huge effect on our well-being. Incorporating calm areas within your home will keep you operating at your highest potential!


—Celine Le, Founder & CEO, Cavalli Homes

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