Things to keep in mind before building a house

Things to keep in mind before building a house

If you plan to build a house of your own, particularly if it is a custom build house, there are certain things that are very significant to bear in mind.


Builders reputation

Many builders are out there, but not all are created equal. The foremost is a builder’s reputation and being able to find a trustable one. Rookie mistake. You shouldn’t go for a cheaper builder at the expense of the quality of the work they deliver. After searching for potential builders, ensure that they are licensed and ask them for previous work sample. In some cases, you get lucky, but should research before doing business with our contractors. It would have saved you from lost time and money in the long run.



Under the Ontario Building Code, most renovation projects require a permit of some kind to be done. By law, it is essential that you are able to secure the correct permits before you start construction on your house. Permits are important because they help ensure that any construction being done is in compliance with the OBC, as well as municipal by-laws on urban/commercial planning and development.

A good Builder can assist you in securing these permits, so the entire procedure progresses smoothly. Get in touch with the most reputable and trustworthy contractors of Cavalli Homes.


Your schedule is a guideline

Our build stretched over the course of a year. You will want a generous amount of time to plan every little detail of your house to your liking. Talk to your CH representative to produce an exact timeframe for construction.


Resale Value

Should you consider resale value when you are designing your dream home? Some people build a home expecting to sell the custom home in three to five years. These home buyers sometimes do sell when they originally planned, other times, they end up staying for decades.

Regardless of your plan, take some time to think about future sell-ability and potential future home buyers during the design process. None of us can truly know the future. We want to be able to be flexible if necessary. Cavalli Homes and our real estate executives can help guide you through many of the decisions about how appealing certain house plans, locations and amenities might be to potential buyers.



In order to make all of this process more easier and smooth, get in touch with the most reputable and trustworthy contractors of Cavalli Custom Homes. We are proud to be offering excellent quality services to the greater Toronto area for several years. Get in touch with us today and let us assist you in every step of the way when you build your own custom home.


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