As the Founder and CEO at Cavalli Homes, Celine oversees operations and leads the short- and long-term strategic direction of the firm’s portfolio. Prior to founding Cavalli Homes, Celine founded and operated The Cavalli Group, she grew a Cosmetic Empire where she originated over 8 figures in net sales.

Over the course of her 6 year career, She has developed a proven track record of success during which she has founded and operating her multimillion-dollar company and has been a part of developing over three successful startups companies.

Celine's extensive business experience and knowledge within industries cover management, business development, investor relations, research, analysis, and marketing. Outside of the office, she enjoys skiing, hiking, and travel.

Mark serves as Corporate Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for all corporate operational and financial, account and reporting activities.

Being an investor for 6 years, he understands the concept of investment analysis. Mark has served in the capacity of director, outside investor and has done extensive market analysis on more than 57 growing companies and raised over 7 figures.

He studied economics and statistics at University of Toronto. Mark stays active and enjoys being outdoors mounting biking, skiing, and playing soccer—though not at the same time.